About Me

(Yes, I venn diagrammed myself)

I’m Amelia and I support leaders with bold ideas, and too much on their plate, to confidently become the leaders they’re meant to be.

I am a coach, facilitator, leader, cheerleader (sans pom-poms) and recovering actor.

I started out in life as an actor, classically trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. I played many roles, toured a few countries and did the obligatory slot on The Bill. Acting taught me that the nuances of communication are not in the actual words we say - what matters is how we speak them.

As an actor, you become an expert in human behaviour

- you stay curious and present with your scene partner, you constantly tap into your intuition, paying close attention to the spaces around the words. Coaching is exactly that for me - digging below the surface. Looking for the dip in the resonance in the voice, the shift of a facial expression, noting the fidgeting hand. We reveal our true selves all the time. My job is to align and articulate your feelings and thoughts into words, and then into decisive fulfilling actions.

I also worked as a corporate coach, developing global corporations and their 'soft skills'. And my goodness, the corporate world needed human behaviour experts more than I had first suspected. (Full disclosure, during this time I became a fully fledged 'a-ha moment' junkie.).

I continued my corporate coaching as I eventually moved into the corporate world myself, working as a strategist in workplace design. As I progressed in this career, I ended up leading teams of designers at two architectural practices. Strategizing is still a key facet of my coaching approach.

As wonderful as leading a team is, I discovered that my true passion and purpose in life is to guide as many diverse people as possible through their own personal change journey. I trained with CTI (Coach Training Institute - an International Coach Federation accredited course) and am now a CPCC (Certified Professional CoActive Coach). I am at my most fulfilled when my clients are buzzing from their transformational change. The gargantuan steps I have witnessed my clients take have changed the way I see the world and, in turn, feed back into my coaching as a never-ending life-cycle of fulfilment.

PS: If you’d like to hear me in action, talking with my wonderful co-host Gabi Miller to our guests about their most transformative moments,

'Thanks for the spot coaching this morning - it was a real shot in the arm for the day'

Director, Real Estate Advisors

'You are my Jennifer Malfi'

(yep, the therapist from 'The Soprano's')

Partner, US Law Firm

My Coaching

My coaching is all about helping you to maximize your impact

professional, personal & presentational

I support you to bust imposters and limiting beliefs. Together, we liberate and unleash your wisest, most courageous self. Together, we’ll

dream big, strategize hard & smart

and deliver on your vision and purpose.

Are you ready?

All of my life experiences flow into and shape my coaching.

I draw on my acting experience: we find YOUR voice and create ways to hear it loud and clear when you need it most, whether it be in that meeting in which you never speak up, the difficult conversation you keep avoiding, the client meeting in which you keep tripping up, or you’re taking the next TED stage and you’re bricking it.

I tap into my decade as a leader in London’s corporate real estate. As a Director in architecture, a Workplace Strategy Lead and Business Development Executive, I can talk shop about leadership when we need it. I know what a great pitch sounds like and I understand what employers want from a new recruit. I get what it’s like to inherit a team, to call people out on ‘under par’ work and the loneliness being at the top can bring. #wingwoman right here.

I'm Certified as a Co-Active coach which is coach-y speak for the process of setting goals and milestones (what you are DOing) alongside creating mindset and behavioural changes (working on who you need to BE to achieve these goals).


Amelia is a wonderful human. As a coach she is positive and encouraging and asks thoughtful questions, reflecting on what I say and, often, how I say it. It feels like she’s holding up a ‘safe mirror’ - a window into my mind where I can also see clarity on my own. She’s visual, funny and caring, walks with me at my pace and helps to nudge me just slightly beyond my comfort zone. "

Rachel, Executive Director, NGO


Amelia has a gift of pushing and pulling people at just the right moments and eliciting amazing results for them in their lives - no matter what the goal. I have seen so much change in the last 6 months that I never thought was possible. "

Tara, Principal, Architecture

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