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This group course focuses on making you succinct, prepared and powerful communicators - able to achieve sign off, gain buy-in, win new work, convince tricky customers, deliver ‘bad’ news and give focused feedback.

We'll explore:

  • How you perform using range, tone and connection

  • What is being said - is it clear, purposeful and audience friendly?

  • How to achieve grace under pressure by mastering mindset and creating confidence


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“The audience will not remember the vast majority of what you say. But they will remember what they thought about what you said. And what they felt about what you said.”

― Peter Coughter, The Art of the Pitch: Persuasion and Presentation Skills that Win Business

a man on stage giving a presentation


  • How to hone your delivery; to be an assured, impactful communicator and connect with your audience

  • How to sharpen your story and create purposeful,  clear content

  • Self awareness - how self judgement can get in your way, and how to come from a place of confidence

My clients have...

  • Pitched and won their first ever pitch

  • Shaved 45 mins off a regular 1 hour meeting #delightedclient

  • Conquered crippling nerves to appear on film representing their organisation

  • Got comfortable, grown in confidence and yes, even enjoyed appearing on webinars and panels

  • Achieved client buy in and sign offs to new concepts after delivering 'bad news'


Group Work

  • Part I focuses on preparing excellent content.

  • Part II looks at mindset - how the participant perceived themselves and their audience - which directly impacts performance when in the spotlight.

  • Part III focuses on how you deliver the message, your performance range. Fully understand your impact on your audience.

Solo Work

We lock in your learning and continue the great work from the previous sessions.  A typical agenda will cover:

  • Honing your content

  • Rehearsing something you’re working on

  • Delving deeper into the mindset work

Rehearsal Room

  • Rehearse how to speak to each success story - with conviction and confidence.

The Format

  • A three to four part course for up to 15 people at a time

  • Run over two days

  • Six to eight hours of contact time for each participant 

  • The format differs according to the size of the group. Please do get in touch to discuss

Are you ready?

Ready to dive in?

Contact me and we can arrange a free introductory call.

Louise, Author

"The day was a beautiful mix of practical easy to apply tips, confidence boosting techniques as well as deep heart-felt personal learning"
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