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Mastering the art of appealing to your audience’s heads and hearts allows you to connect with them and bring them on board, so that the follow your vision, your message, your call to action or sign your next contract.

We'll explore

  • How to be more influential

  • How to be truly compelling


  • Conquering nerves under pressure

  • How to leave an impactful impression

a man with a microphone standing on a stage under the spotlight

Find your unique voice and communication style.​


  • Practical tips to quickly and efficiently prepare succinct messages

  • Where you lose your audience - and how to avoid this happening

  • How you show up - what impression you give and what you can do to be at your best

  • How to master engagement and retaining an audience in online meetings and presentations

a video call but the attendees are dogs with funny expressions on their faces

I've supported

  • Pitch teams to win work

  • CPD material to be dynamic and awe inspiring

  • PHD student to achieve tenure - niche, but true!

  • Individuals to upskill before a big pitch - and then win!

  • Project leaders to achieve sign off in a quarter of the time

  • Market trend reports to be communicated with passion and personality


  • Programme managers to quickly build their credibility and command large groups


Step 1

  • Hone the content

  • Create succint narrative

  • Look at what goes on the screen during a presentation

Step 2

  • Understand your mindset

  • Conquer nerves and shyness

  • Create a confident presenting persona

Step 3

  • We put everything together and rehearse

  • Understand what it feels like to be confident and how to recreate that for yourself when in the spotlight.

The Format

  • Typically we meet for 2-3 sessions in a short time span, as you are preparing for a specific event.

  • It’s best to talk your requirmenets through, and we’ll co-create the programme

If you are interested in group presentation coaching, have a look at my Speaker's Studio offer.

Are you ready?

Ready to dive in?

Contact me and we can arrange a free introductory call.

Will, Founder and ex-England Cricketer

"I came away with lots of creative ideas. I felt an ease of connection with Amelia from the first call. That made me realise I could really push the boundaries of what I could achieve from this course."
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