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We all know a first impression is made within seconds of first entering a room. Our credibility is assessed by so many different data points, verbal and non verbal. Be intentional with how you show up, have a solid plan of what you’re going to say when asked to introduce yourself, and avoid that dry mouth, forgot-my-name kinda feeling. 


We'll explore:

  • The impression you give

  • How to get remembered

  • How to build instant credibility

  • How you'd like to come across and what potentially gets in the way of this

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Knowing how to tell your story well is a superpower.

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  • How to put yourself in the best light when the pressure and spotlight is on

  • How to reveal your personality, not just your job title, succinctly, powerfully, and impactfully

My clients have...

  • Delivered strong pitches

  • Nailed their job interview

  • Discovered what to say at a networking event

  • Conquered their crippling imposter syndrome

  • Pitched themselves for jobs that don't even exist, and won them!

  • Found fluency in how they introduce themselves to a new team / new employer

All because they had their intro and their story down and ready to go.


Step 1

  • Understand your story - what makes you unique, what stories create the impression you want to give

Step 2

  • Re-write your success stories into pithy credibility statements

Step 3

  • Rehearse how to speak to each success story - with conviction and confidence.

The Format

  • An hour of preparation required pre session

  • A 3 hour session​

  • A 30 mins follow up call

Are you ready?

Ready to dive in?

Contact me and we can arrange a free introductory call.

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