Hosted by Amelia Saberwal & Gabi Miller

‘Pivot Points’ explores, celebrates and normalises the twists, turns and changes of course in life.

Each episode we take our guests on a retrospective; looking back on how they felt at their pivot points; the highs, lows, failures and fixes. We delve into their mindset, perspective and choices at that time, and what it has taught them in the long run.

Gabi Miller and Amelia Saberwal are the bubbly hosts. Both professional coaches they are privy to the most astonishing and empowering, behind-the-scenes accounts of so many successful people.

They enjoy busting the myths around ‘confidence’ and ‘success’ and show the audience that bravery is not just for C Suite, millionaires or silicon valley entrepreneurs with New York Times best sellers. Normal folk do exceptional things all the time. You too can do it.

Seasons 3 & 4

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Season 2

Moses Adeyemi: Convict to Conqueror

Winner of SAS Who Dares Wins, Mindset Coach & Entrepreneur

Claire Birkenshaw: A Trans Life; Transgender, Transition, and forever Translating

Britain's first Principal to transition whilst in post

Lauren Mahon: Girl After Cancer

Surviving breast cancer at 31 years old. Creator of Girl v Cancer and TIT TEES

'G' Gurawa Turmal: Black Pride

UK's first black, openly gay police officer

Grace Ofori-Attah: Graceful Under Pressure

Consultant Psychiatrist turned Screenwriter for Idris Elba, Sky and ITV

Olivia Potts: Grieving, from Courtroom to Le Cordon Bleu

An criminal Barrister who pivoted to patisserie and award winning writing, after her mother's sudden death.

Charla Grant: For all the Parents with Broken Hearts & Empty Arms.

A look at how gratitude gives hope to life beyond the death of a baby. Dedicated to Olive Grant.

Alex Bellos: The Nomadic Mathematician

Sunday Times Best Selling author; bringing joy to Maths through storytelling

Season 1

Tal Ben-Shahar: The Art of Happiness (& How To Be Imperfect)

Harvard Lecturer in Positive Psychology, prolific Author & Speaker

Jason Goldberg: Re-design Your Life

Coach, Author of 'Prison Break', Rapper, Speaker & Edu-tainer

Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brent: From Wounded to World Cup Winner

BBC Broadcaster, Women's World Cup Cricket Winner & host of 'Art of Success' Podcast

Hollie Holden: Mother, Midwife, Poet, Philosopher, Teacher, Noticer

Author and, well, look above for the rest of the CV!

Rabbi Jeremy Gordon: Embracing Fallibility

Rabbi at New London Synagogue and ex-BBC Producer

Thomas 'Woody' Woodland: The Enlightened Addict

Coach and ex-Private Equity party boy

Tulip Siddiq MP: Pivot Points does Politics

MP for Hampstead, London and Shadow Education Secretary, Tulip has brought diversity and sass to Westminster

Ciara Charteris: Friend then Foe; Acquaintance Rape

An actress turned agent turned activist telling her story of being raped by a close friend

Anonymous: Stalked

A brave, charismatic, thoughtful and pragmatic woman, who wants to fight for CPS reform to combat the rise of stalking cases

Lennie Ware: Teaching Us Table Manners

Co-Host of 'Table Manners' podcast with Jessie Ware, alongside London based Social Work.

Sarah Castro MBE: The Black Jewish Experience

Adviser to the Met Police, Programme Coordinator for Charities, Local Authorities & Social Housing in Tower Hamlets

Jess Rad: Miscarriage & Menopause

Founder of The WomenHood and Creator of 'The Unspoken Sessions'

Insta Lives

(us chatting about upcoming episodes - Amelia invariably can't believe her luck that she's managed to log on, and the ensuing 10 mins is of Gabi and I raving about our guests - we just can't believe our luck that such amazing people want to talk to us!! Please, feel free to watch our tomfoolery...)

If you would like to apply to be a guest on either podcast, please get in touch by clicking on the relevant email address below.

Please include:

  • a brief biography

  • some info on what would make you a great guest!

  • any media / videos / audio of you in action