"It’s like you’ve eaten a rocket sandwich, you’ve finally realised how good you are’"

(Feedback from a senior colleague to:)

Tom, Director; Insurance

"If there’s one thing I’m glad I did last year it was getting coaching with Amelia. Amelia is insightful, sensitive and her intuition is second to none. She helped me make difficult decisions and understand myself better whilst always holding my bigger vision in mind. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Gabriella, Coach

"Amelia really helped me navigate a challenging period in my career. By helping me identify and focus on my core values we were able to put a clear plan in place that stretched my ambitions and shook me out of a rut. I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me next"

Colin, Director, Real Estate

"For a few years now I've been on a journey of better understanding, valuing and developing my particular leadership and management style as an introverted, soft-spoken woman of colour in a world where most people (myself included) will draw a man in a suit when asked to draw a leader.

Through working with Amelia, I've found my voice and I've developed a powerful sense of what matters most to me both at work and in my personal life. Her style comes from the heart and the body, with lots of attention to how things feel physically (which leads to useful metaphors and visualisations for later use), but with plenty of brain, too -- warm, empathetic, loving, bright and curious. She's got my back, she's my champion and she challenges me. Life-changing."

Patrin, Director; Global Foundation, NGO

"As a relatively new Executive Director, it was striking to me how quickly you can start to second guess yourself; they say leadership can be lonely and I can empathise with that. Coaching felt like a great way to explore the kind of leader I am and want to be, but more than that, coaching has helped me to build my confidence and resilience, and think about how I can be my best self (a work in progress!)

Amelia is a wonderful human. As a coach she is positive and encouraging and asks thoughtful questions, reflecting on what I say and, often, how I say it. It feels like she’s holding up a ‘safe mirror’ - a window into my mind where I can also see clarity on my own. She’s visual, funny and caring, walks with me at my pace and helps to nudge me just slightly beyond my comfort zone. Over the past 6 months, I feel noticeably more confident in my decision making and style, have taking some personally challenging - and rewarding - steps forward, and have examined not just my work life but looked deeply at what makes me tick and how I can be my true self in all my life."

Rachel, UK Executive Director, NGO

"Your energy is infectious. You are hilarious and loving and you aren’t afraid to take risks. I see you as big, bold, and brave.

You are insightful and intuitive and you SPARKLE like a diamond catching the sun. You are charismatic and a leader. You are vulnerable. And honest. And generous. And FUN."

Sara, Coach

"Amelia guided me through all my doubts and obstacles of day-to-day life challenges. She was a mirror for all my ambitions for which she challenged me with her thoughtfulness, professionalism and her amazing energy.

I have achieved a lot thanks to my coach."

Matjaz, Senior Interior Designer

"Amelia was an amazing coach. She pushed me to places I hadn’t considered before using her insight and empathy. I have come away with new ideas but more importantly new perspectives on old issues and habits. I’ve been able to look towards the future with a new found clarity. Highly recommended"

Mark, Writer/Producer

"I worked with Amelia both as a solo client and as a student in her Impact Lab (presentation coaching). Amelia has a gift of pushing and pulling people at just the right moments and eliciting amazing results for them in their lives - no matter what the goal. I have seen so much change in the last 6 months that I never thought was possible. The thing is we all can use someone in our lives to use as a sounding board for our wildest dreams and simplest wishes.

As a mother, wife and full time employee, I had lost that part of me that had any time to think about anything beyond what was happening right here right now. That 1.5 hours every second week was all I needed to start to create real change in my life in a way that was authentic to me. Amelia has a great gift in understanding what you need and acting as your guide with all the right questions."

Tara, Principal, Architecture

"Before working with Amelia, I was overwhelmed by my work – I felt like my life was ’being lived’ for me, in a perpetual spin and somewhat running for other people. Overall, I was a bit negative. As a result of our coaching together I have: - Clarity on the remainder of this year and what I want to get out of it- Less travel / better balance- Got more present in my day to day life- Worked through a particularly challenging relationship at work I now feel more ready to take the next step; make it what I want it to be and take some risk. I don’t feel so drained anymore by the thought of what is next. And I feel content. As a coach Amelia sees all potential and is very positive; it’s contagious. She creates clarity on what needs to happen, and that I need to make it happen. Her approach is fair and balanced: she holds up a mirror and provides some tools. I think I’ll remember these sessions as a bit of a turning point ten years from now."

Portfolio Manager, Global Foundation

Through the coaching process, I discovered how to apply my strength to setting up boundaries, asking for what I want and driving my priorities forward. I found the courage to step away from some of the comfort blankets which weren’t serving me. I found my self-worth and voice. I feel in charge of my own emotions and destiny (most days!). I am a better communicator.

Coaching helps you unearth and build on the muchness muscle you already have - sometimes we need a guide to help us remember where it lives or how to work it so it gets really strong. I think Amelia pushes on people’s uncomfortable button with kindness and compassion. She holds the space in a very safe and trusting way.

Amy, Sustainability, Real Estate

Before I started working with Amelia my start up company was in growth and it needed me to step up and back. The team needed to run things with more autonomy and I needed to be less ‘in the weeds’ and thinking strategically about what’s next.

Through the coaching process I fully understood the impact I have on people – and how important it is to bring folk with me. I also discovered my civic duty and the desire to give back.

The result in my life has been a greater confidence of my own abilities and a deeper understanding of what drives me. I have defined my purpose. Oh, and I gave a banging 10-year speech (for my client party).

Patrick McCrae, CEO, Design