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There are a range of ways for us to explore the impact you want to make; whether it be in your personal or professional life, with your team or as a solo journey. Give me a shout and we'll talk it through - email me here.

One to One Coaching

Presentation Coaching

Corporate Webinar Support

Webinars & Workshops

An introduction to essential leadership tools. Highlighting self confidence and affirmative action.

Resilient Leader Programme

A four part webinar series, building leader confidence and growth mindset.

A day workshop teaching leaders the fundamentals of coaching. Essential skillsets for the resilient, robust leader of the future.


Amelia really helped me navigate a challenging period in my career. By helping me identify and focus on my core values we were able to put a clear plan in place that stretched my ambitions and shook me out of a rut. I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me next."

Colin, Director, Corporate Real Estate


Through the coaching process I fully understood the impact I have on people – and how important it is to bring folk with me. I also discovered my civic duty and the desire to give back.

The result in my life has been a greater confidence of my own abilities and a deeper understanding of what drives me. I have defined my purpose. Oh, and I gave a banging 10-year speech (for my client party)."

Patrick, Founder & CEO, Architecture