One to One Coaching

Leadership Impact

Whether you have been a leader for years or are just starting out on your journey, leaders face a unique set of challenges… and the tools to master them don’t always come naturally! The good news is that they can be learned.

How do you deal with:

  • delegation & accountability (you can see by the position of this on the list that this is where I struggled as a leader!)

  • setting direction and strategy and inspiring others to follow you

  • getting out of the weeds

  • coping with growth (growing pains)

  • coping with consolidation (shrinking pains)

  • negotiating change. Even if you are established, change happens whenever new people come in. You are constantly re-establishing yourself in your role as you navigate new relationships in the workplace, or redefine old relationships, or seek new ways of working with your peer group

  • managing up and managing down

  • holding difficult conversations

If you find any of these things tough, let's chat!


I help you to liberate your inner leader, to find your own truly special leadership style and to run with it - boldly and unapologetically. We bust your saboteurs and increase your confidence, find your direction and fully align you with your purpose. We strategize smart and hard, dream big and take courageous action.

"It’s not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant. They do matter, but… they are the entry-level requirements for executive positions."

Daniel Goleman, Harvard Business Review

1:1 Leadership Impact Coaching Process

Typically working together for 6 months, we look closely at your unique leadership style. We analyse your strengths and the areas with which you struggle.

We set goals, we figure out what’s getting in the way (and why), we give you bespoke leadership tools to start to put into practice.

we strategize, we challenge, we report back, we learn through being in action, so we stay in action.


  • One to one sessions over Zoom

  • 90 min Chemistry Call (oh yeah - we get coaching from the offset!)

  • 2 hour discovery session

  • 2 sessions per month

  • 6 month programme