One to One Coaching

Personal & Professional Impact

It's time to take ACTION!

You've been stuck / silent / small / faffing / procrastinating / scared / stagnant / confused /sick of 'this' and you are booooored of spinning your wheels.

Do you

  • have a decision to make?

  • know that this isn’t quite ‘it’ but don’t know what ‘it’ is?

  • struggle with imposter syndrome?

  • have a strong inner critic who won’t allow you to progress?

  • feel an overwhelming fear of the future?

  • struggle with getting motivated, or procrastinate?

  • avoid confrontation and constantly try to please?

  • battle with crippling perfectionism and fear of failure?

  • never feel quite satisfied and are always looking for the next best thing, but constantly get scuppered by the ‘Arrival Fallacy’*... ‘everything will be great when I win this / achieve this / pass this next hurdle / earn this much / get this title… (insert lie here)’

Some or all of the above? Like, call me!

I help people who:

  • are changing course

  • want to reinvigorate stagnant work or lifestyles

  • need to explore and figure out what's next

  • have to overcome limiting beliefs and negative self talk

To do this, I help you to articulate, own, put a structure around, and make resonant choices to achieve your milestones.

*Arrival Fallacy’ - a term coined by Tal Ben-Shahar - listen to his inspiring teaching on my podcast Pivot Points here


We redesign and align. I help you to maximize your personal and professional impact, to increase your confidence, to find your direction, and to become fully aligned with your purpose. Together, we liberate your inner leader and bust your saboteurs.

Reflection & Iteration... into Real Life Implementation

Coaching's power is in iterative, incremental learning. Going out into the real world, giving it a whirl - failing, winning - it's all good learning!

Sessions balance developing goals and strategies with reflecting and consciously embedding the learning. We are creating behavioural 'muscle memory'.

Exactly like muscle, developing new behaviours needs time, practise and, well, more practise.

The space in between sessions allows you this time - to practise the skills and strategies in real life.

This is deeply personal work your journey will never look the same as anyone else's; content will differ depending on your needs and requirements. The process is about highlighting your strengths and work on confidence building around your natural skill sets.

1:1 Personal Impact Coaching Process

Typically working together for 6 months, we dig deeply into who you are now and the you you’d like to see at the end of the process.

We set goals, we figure out what’s getting in the way, we give you bespoke tools to start to put into practice, we strategize, we challenge, we report back, we learn through being in action, so we stay in action.

And with every step we get you closer to the life you want to lead.


  • One to one sessions over Zoom

  • 90 min Chemistry Call (oh yeah - we get coaching from the offset!)

  • 2 hour discovery session

  • 2 sessions per month

  • 6 month programme


Before working with Amelia, I was overwhelmed by my work – I felt like my life was ’being lived’ for me, in a perpetual spin and somewhat running for other people. Overall, I was a bit negative. As a result of our coaching together I have: - Clarity on the remainder of this year and what I want to get out of it- Less travel / better balance- Got more present in my day to day life- Worked through a particularly challenging relationship at work I now feel more ready to take the next step; make it what I want it to be and take some risk. I don’t feel so drained anymore by the thought of what is next. And I feel content."

Portfolio Manager , Global Foundation , NGO


Amelia guided me through all my doubts and obstacles of day-to-day life challenges. She was a mirror for all my ambitions for which she challenged me with her thoughtfulness, professionalism and her amazing energy. I have achieved a lot thanks to my coach."

Matjaz, Senior Interior Designer