Presentation Coaching

One to One

Your boss told you/ you have begrudgingly decided (delete as appropriate) that you need to get better at 'presenting'; selling yourself, your projects, your product, your company - yikes! WTF?!

...cue feelings of nausea / the need to run far far far away to hide / fake your own death (more deleting as appropriate)

This journey is to find your unique voice and storytelling style.

Knowing how to tell your story well is a superpower.

Mastering the art of appealing to your audience’s heads and hearts can make all the difference. It allows you to connect deeply with your audience and to get people on board so that they follow your vision.

You might be getting ahead of the game and upskilling yourself or your team ahead of future pitches, conferences etc. You might be working towards a big goal. You might have to present regularly, wishing to do so with more confidence and less trepidation.


We connect you with why you love the content of your presentation, and identify why your audience would love it, too.

We remove obstacles that stand in the way of you telling your story. We identify and practice key talking points, and develop tools to connect you to your most authentic and passion-driven voice,

enabling you to tell your story with maximum impact.


We start with you. Who are you? What do you care about? What impact would you like to make on your audience? Sure, I’ve got tips and tricks, but they would be fake bolt-ons if we didn’t understand the real you. I’m not in the business of cookie cutter approaches.

We work with developing your confidence and skills from the inside out. We mobilize your passion and practice and how you can convey it most effectively.

I work with you on a session by session basis. If you are interested in group presentation coaching, have a look at my Impact Lab offer.