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Impact Lab

The spotlight is an exposing place to be in, and a deep connection to your story and the ability and confidence to tell it your way is essential. Really connected speakers shine and are naturally authentic - driven by their own passion for their subject matter they also manage to ignite it in their audiences.

“The audience will not remember the vast majority of what you say. But they will remember what they thought about what you said. And what they felt about what you said. So help them. Leave moments in your narrative for the audience’s reflection.”

― Peter Coughter, The Art of the Pitch: Persuasion and Presentation Skills that Win Business

Setting the scene:

I stand on a few core beliefs around presenting:

The solo performance:

    • yes, it's a performance; whether it's to an audience of 3 on a Zoom call, a select stakeholder/ decision maker group in a pitch, or 1,000 strangers in a hall. And so awareness of what makes a good performance is critical.

    • 'sales spiels' make an audience feel like they've been slimed on. It's why normal people hate pitching, as a commonly held belief is presenting = slimy sales. Invariably this requires discussion and change of mindset in order to start the work.

    • unlocking a presenters ability to story-tell is the key to comfortable performance.

    • rehearsal is critical for success. To have said the lines out loud is essential for fluency, cohesiveness and takes the fluff out, so the point is hard hitting and memorable.

The group performance:

    • preparation, preparation, preparation is tantamount to success - to under rehearse is to discredit aaaaall of the insanely hard work that went into creating the opportunity in the first place.

    • unless you are a classically trained acting ensemble it is unfair to go into a pitch unplanned and under rehearsed. For the inexperienced amongst the team - it is the stuff of mental break downs. For the more experienced there is danger of stepping into generic sales spiel nonsense.

    • no one wants to hear the sales team spiel anymore - they want to hear from the real people who are really going to run their projects. Directors have to step back. Soz to be the bearer of bad news!

The Overview

This course focuses on fine tuning the participants into impactful, powerful presenters, able to win over the trickiest audience. And it’s about finding THEIR voice. Not a watered-down version of what the boss would do, or Brene Brown, or Barack Obama or (insert inspirational speaker name here) – it’s THEIR voice we work to find and hone.

The work in this programme goes where the need is required, and so is tailored to what participants show up with. Invariably it's a balance between WHAT is being said (i.e is it clear, purposeful and audience friendly), then HOW they say it (range, tone, colour, connection).

This is deeply personal work where we uncover the participants unique style and celebrate it.

We work together, firstly one to one, then in front of the audience. We highlight strengths and work on confidence building. Rather than shoehorning and bolting on tips and tricks that work for others, we polish what is already working and uncover layers the participant sometimes didn't even know they had.

Fellow participants play the essential role as eyes and ears in the audience. There is much learning to be had from sitting on the other side. As the audience they are required to dissect a performance for its qualities and give feedback on their perspectives, blind spots, applaud celebrations AND your fluffs. Participants find playing the role of the audience member to be as insightful as being in the spotlight itself. Learning about best practice from the dissection and analysis of the performance, in order to give constructive feedback to their colleague in the spotlight.


The IMPACT LAB programme deeply connects you to purposeful, clear content. We sharpen your story and hone your delivery. We use a combination of individual and team coaching sessions, giving you the opportunity to test your materials in front of an audience, and to learn from best practice of other presenters in your group. You will become a confident and impactful storyteller.


Groups of up to 5 people

  1. 90 mins discovery session

In this session, we explore what you love about your content and strategize about how to make your audience love it, too. We analyse what you need to learn to become a passionate and authentic speaker and develop bespoke presentation tools for you.

  1. Group Day

A fully interactive day. We bring the group together and we get into the performance element of storytelling.

The time we have together, predominately, focuses on HOW they deliver the message and for participants to fully experience and understand their impact on their audience.

The spotlight lands on each participant throughout the day. Allowing them the time in front of the audience where we experiment, play, hone, road test material and develop their unique presenting style; using the tools developed in the discovery session.

  1. Mastery Session (either 1:1 or Group)

The Mastery session can be 1:1 or another Group Day, whatever you’d benefit from most. We lock in your learning and continue the great work from the previous sessions. We do a further deep dive, honing your stories, and playing with the delivery. We will co-create the agenda for the session so that it fully speaks to what you need.

The group can be of similar experience levels, or a mixed bag. All perspectives are welcome and valid and will be essential to the learning.

"The decision has been made and I got the scholarship!!!! I am very happy, and got many messages from colleagues today! It is such a relief that I made it!

I want to thank you again for all your help, it enabled me to push myself beyond my boundaries!"

Christaan, Professor of Economics, Netherlands

"(Amelia was) Very good – I was very impressed with the approach... it was much more coaching as opposed to training. The coaching was tailored to each individual. We all have different personalities, styles and things we wanted to work on and the advice, tools and exercises we went through were all tailored to our particular needs."

Craig, Partner, Corporate Real Estate