Exceptional leadership, of self and others, is the ability to think creatively, reinvent old structures and construct new habits, ways of working, living and playing. A much needed set of skills for the current state of play, and even more so for the world that remains in its aftermath.

And the answers are already within you!

  • Are you tired of letting your self-judgements stop you from showing up as the person you know you can be?

  • Are you so used to putting on a mask at work that you no longer know where the real you begins and ends?

  • Do you avoid having difficult conversations?

  • Do you get paralysed when having to make decisions?

  • Are you worried your colleagues will expose you as a fraud or impostor?

  • Do you spin your wheels trying to manage difficult relationships and please people?

Now is the time to conquer these limiting factors and thrive! This is the time to empower yourself and tune up your leadership style.

You will get:

  • A life-changing tool to help you access this source of wisdom and self-compassion whenever you want it

  • Answers to fundamental questions like: what do I care about?, what do I want to create?, what am I will to take a stand for?

  • Improved confidence and self-trust

  • A new perspective to help you navigate any challenge (personal or professional)

Who should attend?

Anyone who is struggling with the mud of self-judgements, impostor syndrome, people pleasing, procrastinating, or other self-sabotaging behaviours at work.

Book this for your team - or join our monthly group call. Find us on Eventbrite or give me a shout - here.


  • 75 min on line workshop

  • Come with an open mind - we will be guiding you through a visualisation.

  • We will provide a safe space to explore – and, no, you don’t have to share anything with the group that you don’t want to. This is a personal journey to create a personal tool, for you only.


The content was very helpful and moving. This has given me recognition of my inner leader that I didn’t even know I had. Now I feel like I know where to find and summon them. Gabi & Amelia were so open and supportive, it felt like a really safe space. I will recommend this to any friends or family who are feeling stuck or having trouble realizing their goals."

"The content was detailed, practical, non-patronising and thought provoking. This has given me some essential practical tips to help change the internal dial."

"I'd recommend this workshop to anyone who seemed a bit stuck in their career or in life generally."


Gabi and Amelia were very professional, empathetic, clearly knew their stuff and made the whole session fun - super important in a Zoom screen full of strangers!"

"I thought it was a very interesting session- Gabi & Amelia were engaging and professional and yet energising and fun. The content was interesting, well presented and relevant. It has given me new ways to think about my performance, and reason and motivation to do so"

"I'd recommend this to my colleagues and peer group and anyone genuinely committed to self-improvement and to positively influencing others."