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To all the apologisers out there, hello darlings. I see you.

a mouse with the words 'sorry'

I know you’re being sweet, polite and non threatening.

But today, I gently, and with love, must let you see the other side to this seemingly amenable, easy-to-get-on-with and friendly little 'sorry'.

Every. Single. Time. It diminishes you, makes you smaller, easier to dismiss and ultimately walk over. People won’t do it intentionally - it’s subconscious - but you’re teaching them you are lesser - and that you are happy to be overloaded, talked down to, put upon.

Digging another layer below, it's actually uncomfortable to receive constant apology. It becomes insincere and meaningless, so you step on the very values you hold most dear.

Please, please please stop. You are worth more.

Say sorry when you mean it. The opposite of apology is not 'bitch', it's pride.

I see you. I was you. We are not an apology.


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