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a picture of Amelia Saberwal looking at the camera

My Journey to Coaching 

From that menagerie of titles you might say my journey has been unconventional. It’s quite the ‘hyphenated’ career  (a rather accidental blueprint for the Millennial generation).

You might think that it makes sense for ‘someone like me’ to have this choppy path - I’m outgoing, outspoken and, to some, outlandish. A typical ‘actor type’ #eyeroll... but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been seduced into ‘taking the road more travelled’ in my time.  In fact, I gave up acting and dedicated ten years to a ‘sensible’ income stream.  Which saw me sit in a world where I didn’t belong and tried to fit in for ten. years. Sigh.

Then two things happened, two nights in a row, that made me stop in my tracks.

My niece was born.  Ruby Amelia.  Light of my life.

And my friend died at the age of 43.  Bowel cancer.  It had been a brutal battle.

I learned both sets of news sat at my desk at midnight in a central London architectural studio; with spreadsheets open and a half written proposal to win the most boring work imaginable.

And just like that, the click happened.  I chose no.  Not on my watch.

“ wasn’t overnight success, it emerged, evolved, grew roots and sought the sun and bloomed gradually because, actually, that’s how most things transform.”

I summoned my savings, cleared space in my ‘impossible to clear’,  ‘busy, busy, busy’ diary (because there are always ways to make time for the stuff that truly counts),  got myself a coach to help keep me upright,  and signed up to certify as a professional coach.

I built my business,  slowly,  conquering some serious saboteurs about my value,  my process, and my impact,  but my Coach had my back all the way. I gradually untethered from the corporate role and followed my purpose.


No, it wasn’t overnight success; it emerged,  evolved,  grew roots and sought the sun, blooming gradually because,  actually, that’s how most things transform.

I now light the way for others to follow their bravest path.  To live bold, fulfilled and balanced lives, in whatever way that makes sense to them.

A picture of Amelia sitting down with her head resting in her hand

Things you should know about me

  • I listen with intense curiosity

  • I have declared war on comparison

  • I challenge with love and accountability

  • I hold your vision, even when you shy away from it

  • I remind you of your success stories, when your inner critics forget

  • I call you back to your purpose when you lose your way

  • I hold a mirror up to you and reframe what I hear and see, so that you see yourself more clearly

  • I banned the word ‘failure’ from my life, and will do the same for yours

So, what does it take to define your own version of this story? Well, firstly



Dream big. Prepare to do the work.
It’s empowering, emotional and ellating.
In short, it’s one hellova ride!

Are you ready?  Contact me for a free introductory call.

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