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Leaders face a unique set of challenges. These challenges are constant and ever changing in size, shape and unique qualities. The tools to master these hurdles don’t always come naturally - the good news is, they can be learned. 

Whether you have been a leader for years or are just starting out on your journey, this programme connects you to the leader you want to be and provides the tools to navigate with confidence.

We'll explore

  • Giving feedback

  • Negotiating change

  • Coping with growth

  • Coping with consolidation

  • Delegation & accountability


  • Holding difficult conversations

  • Managing up and managing down

  • Knowing when to mentor and when to coach

  • Setting direction and strategy and inspiring others to follow you


Where is your achilles heel? Could any of these do with a zhuzh?

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We challenge thinking, we strategize, and we learn through being in action, so we stay in action.

a hand holding a compass

You will

  • Find your direction

  • Increase your confidence

  • Communicate with confidence and impact

  • Find your own leadership style and  run with it, boldly and unapologetically

My clients

  • Have worked through fractious business partner relationships

  • Had triple promotions in a year and doubled their salary

  • Have given and received the toughest feedback, in order to learn and grow

  • Found agility in their approach to get the best out of a diversely talented team


  • Influenced multiple stakeholders and direct reports to deliver exponential growth


  • Led their team through world changing adversity, whilst keeping aligned with their integrity and value​


  • Found balance between growing a business to twice its size, maintaining wellbeing, and being an involved parent and spouse.



  • We look closely at your unique leadership style.

  • We analyse your strengths and the areas with which you struggle

  • We set goals, we figure out what’s getting in the way

  • We create bespoke ‘you’ shaped leadership tools to put into practice

Strategy &

  • We examine topics and themes that arise in your day to day 

  • We create different ways of appraoching your leadership challenges and learn from you  doing  things differently

  • We conquer the micro to learn in the macro

The Format

  • 6 x One to one sessions over Zoom 

  • 2 sessions per month

  • 3 month programme

Are you ready?

Ready to dive in?

Contact me and we can arrange a free introductory call.

Patrick, Founder & CEO

"I now fully understand the impact I have on people – and how important it is to bring folks with me. I also discovered my civic duty and the desire to give back. The result in my life has been a greater confidence of my own abilities and a deeper understanding of what drives me. I have defined my purpose."
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