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This is for you if you want to take more control and be the leader of your life.

It’s time to take action!

Do you

  • Self sabotage?


  • Struggle with imposter syndrome?

  • Live with constant worry or anxiety?

  • Battle with perfectionism and fear of failure?

  • Struggle with getting motivated, or procrastinate?

  • Avoid confrontation and constantly try to please?

  • Feel unsatisfied and always look for the next best thing?

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Change happens in stages; sometimes big bangs, often in slow motion.

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You will

  • Build your resilience

  • Break through your limitations​​​

  • Take your goal to the next level


  • Find and own your self worth

  • Conquer tough conversations

  • Take control of your life, narrative and world

  • Find balance between family, work, and relationships

My clients

  • ​​​Have found the love of their life


  • Have found the most fulfilling jobs

  • Had the gut wrenching conversation to create the boundary that saved the relationship

  • Have shifted lifelong limitations to create the life and careers and relationships they've dreamed of

  • Given themselves permission to take time out from successful careers to have a baby and return to a work world they still adore



We start all processes learning about who you are, your values, your drivers, your dreams, your ways of looking at the world.

We delve into understanding your limiting beliefs and what holds you back and we find ways to conquer them.

Strategy & Action

Once we fully understand how you operate, we start to find different perspectives and commit to ‘kinesthetically’ doing 

things differently.

Our process will find resonant strategies that get you closer to where you want to go - until you get there.

The Format

  • 12 x one to one sessions 

  • 2 sessions per month

  • 6 month programme

Are you ready?

Ready to dive in?

Contact me and we can arrange a free introductory call.

Carolyn, Campaigns Manager and Author

"Without being overly dramatic I feel it’s been transformative and life changing. Wherever you are in your work or life Amelia can help you realise your potential."
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