Impact Coaching

Dream big. Strategize smart. Succeed with soul.

Hi! I'm Amelia. Founder of Kinesthetica

Certified Coach, Facilitator, Workplace Strategist, No Bullshit Cheerleader, Professional 'What-If'er & Recovering Actor.

Yes, it's been quite the career.

What's the impact you want to have?

Become the bold, brave leader you’re meant to be (even if you don’t have the job title)

More confidence, more clarity, and MUCH more impact

Welcome to Kinesthetica Coaching

Where we dive into the messy, human, yet unavoidable questions in work, relationships and life to create transformational change

What is Impact Coaching?

I help you to maximize your personal, professional and presentational impact.

Are you out there at the forefront, hoping to create positive change, but feel held back? Are you tired of letting your self-judgements stop you from showing up as the person you know you can be? Is leadership nothing like you thought it would be? Do delegation and accountability get you tied up in knots? Do you avoid having difficult conversations? Do you spin your wheels when having to make decisions? Is there a way a leader ‘should’ be - and you’re not it? Is imposter syndrome a familiar feeling? Are you at a crossroads… and don’t know what’s next?

Congratulations. You are NORMAL. And I can help.

If you have daring ideas but too much on your plate, I can support you to become the confident and impactful leader you’re meant to be.

"Amelia's style comes from the heart and the body, with lots of attention to how things feel physically, but with plenty of brain, too - warm, empathetic, loving, bright and curious. She's got my back, she's my champion and she challenges me. Life-changing."

Patrin, Director, NGO

Bold. Brave. Unique.

Never a carbon copy of someone else, but able to see your attributes and experiences as superpowers rather than defects. Making a deep and lasting impact on your world. Never shying away from challenges.

Let’s bust the imposters and liberate your inner leader - the leader you know you can be. Together, we identify

your version of leadership. Your voice. Your direction. Your unique way of working, delegating and setting the tone.

Let’s ideate, strategize, challenge the status quo, clarify direction, cut through the crap, and maximize your impact.

I can support you to:

  • find your voice

  • build your confidence

  • present like a pro

  • live authentically and in line with your values

  • be present

  • be assertive

  • follow your purpose.

My Values

Find your voice; use it

Find it, celebrate it and amplify it.

Express yourself.

The world is waiting to hear your call to action.


Be brave

Venture into uncharted territory.

Purpose driven and hard hitting, from the deeply authentic, conscious you.

What is in your heart is right - trust it and follow it.

Be you; not a carbon copy

Be your own guide & curate your own path.

Grounded in your values & purpose.

Stop asking for approval & permission - you got this.

And what’s with the name? 'Kinesthetica'?

Kinesthetic intelligence means you learn through action. The very nature of ’doing’ something breaks the inertia/fear/inner critic (delete as appropriate) pattern. We uncover your learning piece by piece. Trial and error. Experiment. Iterative moments that lead to transformational change.

And the ‘a’, is me - Amelia Saberwal, nice to meet you!

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