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I coach people who are ambitious for their life.  

They want to shake things up, to fully see themselves, and to show up differently in their world.  They are ready to be challenged, to work hard on themselves and achieve their version of fulfilment.


I started Kinesthetica Coaching to support my clients in finding their voice, their bravery and their path to transformation.

I coach anyone who needs support in the changes they want to make to their life, work and relationships.

Who I help

Working with diverse clients, partners and individuals from…

Work with me and you will:
  • Hold hard conversations

  • Enjoy guilt-free downtime

  • Say ‘no’ with kindness

  • Make your dreams attainable

  • Command the respect you deserve

  • Control your self-talk and reactions


  • Realise that you deserve a seat at the table

  • Parent with intention and a proactive approach

Fancy these results for yourself?

Contact me for a free introductory call.


In my podcast, Pivot Points, I speak to people who have navigated change; whether that be change they have wanted to design into their life, or change that has happened to them.  It’s turned out to be a study of resilience, and it looks so different in every case.

Hearing stories of others traversing significant change shows us how we can approach our own journey - there’s no ‘right’ way to do it.  It’s permission to do it your way.

Amelia and her fellow podcast host looking at the camera and smiling

I discovered how to apply my strength to setting up boundaries, asking for what I want and driving my priorities forward. I found the courage to step away from some of the comfort blankets which weren’t serving me. I found my self-worth and voice. I feel in charge of my own emotions and destiny. I am a better communicator. 

Amelia pushes on people’s uncomfortable button with kindness and compassion. She holds the space in a very safe and trusting way.

Amy, Sustainability

Where I'm based

I’m based in Oxfordshire, UK and have an international client base. My clients are in Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Dublin and across the UK.


I work mostly online, with frequent visits to London, and I’m always happy to entertain travelling further afield!

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