Impact Coaching

What is the impact you want to have?

Become the bold, brave leader you’re meant to be (even if you don’t have the job title)

More confidence, more clarity, and MUCH more impact

Welcome to Kinesthetica Coaching

Where we dive into the messy, human yet unavoidable questions in work, relationships and life to create transformational change

What is Impact Coaching?

My clients are whole human beings(!) and grow both:


• Stepped into leadership - found their version of delegation and negotiation. Honed and delivered their own vision and strategy.

• Found their voice – confidence to fully own their right to express themselves in their way.

• Delivered spectacular speeches in front of hundreds.

• Navigated difficult conversations and tricky relationships.

• Left unfulfilling jobs and, because they've understood their worth, scored some pretty hefty pay rises and promotions.

• Busted some serious saboteurs, inner critics and limiting beliefs to step into leadership.



• Found better balance between work and life.

(including one pregnancy - but I can't take all the credit! Small print - this is not part of the service)

• Aligned their life with their purpose.

• Deeply understood what truly drives them.

• Made life changing decisions - from choosing a job to take, a city to live in, a university to go to, a financial investment to make or unsticking writers block.

• Worked on who they needed to be to make those choices stick.

I work with people to understand their impact on the world.

We design the process together, depending on your wants, needs and goals.

Whatever the goal is, this process:

  • Supports transformational change in incremental steps.

  • Holds a mirror to current behaviours, limiting beliefs and negative self talk.

  • Will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, toward fulfilling choices and the change you want to see.

Discover and live your purpose. Define your goals and make the behavioural changes needed to truly realise them.

We explore your values, your perspectives, and create bespoke strategies to design the life want and the work that fulfils you.

Understand your impact on your audience - whether that be a pitch, a one-to-one, an internal team update, the big client sign off, or a large conference key note. We work together to find your unique style and content.

My Coaching Style

My process is anchored in CoActive coaching techniques - this balances what you want to do and who you need to be to get there.

We focus on you as a person, not as problem to solve.

I blend my experience as an actor and business leader, a career in pitching, strategy and design alongside my certification in co-active coaching, to create a coaching system that is tailored to your individual and unique needs.

I build a completely confidential, safe space for you to learn within.

Free from judgement.

Full of heart and backbone.

We build a relationship based on total commitment to your learning and flourishing. In your own time and in your own way.

My Values

Find your voice; use it

Find it, celebrate it and amplify it.

Express yourself.

The world is waiting to hear your call to action.


Be brave

Venture into uncharted territory.

Purpose driven and hard hitting, from the deeply authentic, conscious you.

What is in your heart is right - trust it and follow it.

Be you; not a carbon copy

Be your own guide & curate your own path.

Grounded in your values & purpose.

Stop asking for approval & permission - you got this.

And what’s with the name? 'Kinesthetica'?

Kinesthetic intelligence means you learn through action. The very nature of ’doing’ something breaks the inertia/fear/inner critic (delete as appropriate) pattern. We uncover your learning piece by piece. Trial and error. Experiment. Iterative moments that lead to transformational change.

And the ‘a’, is me - Amelia Saberwal, nice to meet you!