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Finding the ‘Sage’ is the foundational work I do with all of my clients. It gives them an insight to their wisest self - so they can eventually self coach, give themselves advice and course correct.

a wise owl

The extensive work I do to find my clients Sage perspective, has led me to understand the common human themes we all want more of and yet forget, regularly.

Invariably I hear qualities of:

Calm, confidence, intuitive, self assuredness and trusting-my-gut.

The form the Sage often takes:

Images of future / past selves come up frequently – calling back to an unblemished version of themselves or the design of a future self when they conquer their inner critics and self judgements. A deep connection to what they know is actually in them asking to shine through.

The ‘Teacher’ comes up when I work with Leaders (and parents) – how to shift the ‘*sigh*, I’ll do it’ into learning and mentoring moments. Lessons in delegation, accountability, patience and guidance aplenty.

Grandfathers come up – with their wizened outlook. A different set of priorities that guide a simpler, slower way forward, reminding us not to rush and enjoy the moment – it all goes too quickly in the end.

Zen, Yogic Goddesses are for those who need to zoom out more often and see the big picture.

Warriors and Stoic Emperors – provide Marcus Aurelias nuggets for those who feel the world is against them.

We all have innate wisdom in us. We barely need to scratch the surface and the answer is there. Having the guts to follow our intuition is what holds us back. I long for all of us to stop to listen and access this version of us more. It’s a daily practise for me, and I ‘fail’ regularly – but I figure that’s the point – we’re all works in progress. I remind myself to never stop trying to master a better version of myself. And it’s what I admire so much in my beautiful clients. All in constant search to do the right thing, see the world differently, be different within their world, pushing their status quo. How inspired they all are.

How do you access your wisdom?


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